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Anova Review

Anova (view product ) is a smart sous vide machine which competes against products like ChefSteps Joule, Mellow and Oliso SmartHub. Compared to its peers, Anova ranks as the the #1 top-performing product in its category.

To review and rank Anova, we spent approximately 10 hours reviewing the top 5 connected sous vides based on 30 data points such as cooking capacity, Android compatibility and iOS compatibility (see the full criteria list).

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  • IOS compatibility: Can I use each brand's app on a device running iOS? Is each manufacturer's app compatible with iOS devices?
  • Android compatibility: Can I use each brand's app on an Android device? Is each manufacturer's app compatible with Android devices?
  • Serving capacity: How many servings can each brand cook at once? Can each manufacturer cook a large number of servings?
  • Heating speed: How quickly can each brand device heat up? How fast does each manufacturer heat up water?
  • Pre-programmed recipes: Does each brand come with pre-programmed recipes? Does each manufacturer come with a selection of recipes?
  • Bags included: Does each brand include cooking bags? Does plastic cooking bags come included with each manufacturer?
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Anova's strengths are:

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Anova Reviews


Made by Anova Culinaryview
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Rated 4.2 - 10 reviews

About the Manufacturer

Anova Culinary
Anova Culinary is a mid-size company operating the e-commerce site anovaculinary.com. Anova Culinary sells its products and services in the smart sous vide cookers industry. Anova Culinary is a less active brand when it comes to discounting and offering coupons. Anova Culinary has good ratings among shoppers on Knoji, with 31 ratings and an average rating of 3.7 stars. Anova Culinary scores very well compared to other brands in the smart sous vide cookers industry, providing 10 e-commerce features to better serve its customers.

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